October 24 - 25th
Dream. Design. Code.

- Application Deadline: OCTOBER 23rd @ Noon.

[ Event Info ]

October 24th - 25th


Huskies Hack is a 24 Hours non-stop hackathon held at St.Cloud State University.
Students will work on teams of 4 to develop web, mobile, desktop applications
to solve a real-world challenging problem provided by our sponsors.

Free T-shirts. $900 Worth Prizes. Networking.

[ FAQs ]

For everyone safety, Hackathon is being hosted virtual through Zoom. Please register yourself here.
A hackathon is an invention marathon. A hackathon is an 24 hour event, where various individuals come together as a group to create new, innovative software and hardware solutions collaboratively. The goal is for each group to have some functional software at the end of the event. The best performances, both overall for their innovative idea and in specific categories, are awarded prizes by a small panel of judges.
  • - Laptop and charger
  • - Pillow
  • - Cellphone and charger
  • - Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
Maximum number of 4 pepole in a team. You can also participate solo if you prefer.
Yes, every individual needs to register for the event even if they have their own team.
No, the hackathon should not be confused with illegal and unauthorized programming. Although the term “hacking” has previously been associated with gaining access to a computer system with malicious intent, “hacking” has started to transition into a positive term describing the actions of innovators who are creating prototypes of their ideas. Programmers have rallied around the term “hacking”, as a term to describe their love of learning and their efforts to build the future.
According to the Major League Hacking survey, 80% of students explored new technologies or services during their hackathon project experience, 93 percent learned something new that hadn't been covered in coursework, 69% percent gained new skills that they were able to use in classwork later on and 89% learned something new from fellow students during the event.
  • - Unleash Your Creativity & Potential
  • - Add value to Your Resume or CV to open up new doors in the future.
  • - Work in a team to Enhance Your Soft Skills: Team Work, Collaboration & Communication.
  • - Improve your real-world software development skills.
  • - Applying what you learn in the Classroom & explore new Technology and Tools.
Hackathons are not limited to computer science majors — anyone who has an interest in technology and is eager to learn can participate in a hackathon. It's a great place to begin your coding journey.At Hackathon we believe that anyone can hack.
Computer Science Club is exclusively organizing the event with great support from the Department of College of Science & Engineering and the support from the organizers of HuskiesInvent - Dr. Mark Petzold & Mr. Stephen Janasie. The main mission is to provide better opportunities for students to improve their technical and soft skills to lead a successful career.
Yes! it's completely free. We will also provided free meal for participants.
The registration is still open even though Hackathon has been postponed to next semester. Any further updates on event info will be notified by email.
Not to worry! You can hack solo. A lot of people go to hackathons without teams. There will be a session at the beginning of the hackathon for you to meet others and form teams.
  • First Place: $400 amazon gift cards
  • Second Place: $300 amazon gift cards
  • Third Place: $200 amazon gift cards

Not only that, Winning team will also be featured in ISELF Building of SCSU.

For more question, please send us email at:

We abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.