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Computer Science Club Meeting Videos

Date Topic Links
Sept 9th, 2020 A Guide to Computer Science at St. Cloud State Presentation, Slides
Sept 23rd, 2020 GitHub and You Presentation, Slides
Sept 30th, 2020 Info Session with GeoComm on AWS Presentation, GeoComm Website
Oct 16th, 2020
<summary> Speaker Session with Patrick (Software Engineer @Google </summary> Speaker session with Patrick Baumann, a St. Cloud Alumni and currently Software Engineer at Google Inc. Watch the video to learn more about his experience from St. Cloud to California and how he went through suspended from college to getting job at the Bit Tech Companies. About Patrick: Patrick is a software engineer at Google with 12 years in the industry, currently working on the Android framework at Google. He previously worked for Amazon as an Android developer on the Appstore for Android and for The Boeing Company in Huntington Beach, California. He earned my BS in computer engineering from SCSU in 2008 and my MS in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University’s remote program in 2011
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